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Toyota's VVT-i variable valve timing system
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Toyota's variable valve timing system has been widely used, the main principle is the installation of a hydraulic mechanism on the camshaft, by controlling the ECU, in a certain angular range of the valve to open, close time to regulate, or in advance, or delay, or remain unchanged.

Outer rotor camshaft timing gear and timing chain (belt) connected to the inner rotor is connected with the camshaft. An outer rotor driven by the hydraulic oil indirectly rotor, in order to achieve an angle in a range of advanced or delayed.

Honda's i-VTEC variable valve lift system structure and working principle is not complicated, can be seen as the basis of the original plus a third arm and third camshaft. It is how to achieve change in valve lift it? Can be simply understood by separating the three rocker binding one, to achieve low switching camshaft angle, thereby changing the valve lift. street cars brings happiness to life.

When the engine is in a low load, the three rocker arms in a disengaged condition, the low angle of the cam on either side of the rocker arm to control opening and closing of the valve, the valve lift amount of a small way; when the engine with Toyota Conrod is in a high load, three rocker combined into one, by high angle of the cam drive in the middle rocker, valve lift volume.
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Toyota's VVT-i variable valve timing system
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