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Engine and TCase Mounts?
PostPosted: Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:03 pm Reply with quote
... and Blue does it like nobody's business
... and Blue does it like nobody's business
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Blue's engine mounts and single tcase mount are pretty much worn out...SO, what do you guys think of this:

or should I go with two of the factoy mounts?

And those of you with the solid engine mounts...any long-term use opinions on those?
As Blue will still see some (limited) road duty, I've read that several folks have installed ONE solid (RockStomper) engine mount on the driver's side and a stock one on the passenger side...benefit of the solid mount during torque but cushion of the factory rubber mount on the other side.

Just trying to take care of the details as she goes back together...thanks!
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:19 am Reply with quote
Down in It
Down in It
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You know all the issues i have had with motor mounts, broken at least 3 of them, and 1 rockstomper.....

I think looking back now, the motor mounts were dying because the bolts where my transfer case mount bolts to the budbuilt crossmember kept loosening up. I never thought to check those, they hide under the skid plate and i just never thought of it. When i checked them finally they were almost ready to fall out. That put all the stress on the motor mounts.

I would think that two factory mounts and fresh factory motor mounts would work fine most of the time. Just check the bolts often to make sure they stay tight. A peice of chain on the motor mount would also be a good idea with that setup.

My rockstomper mounts don't shake bad at all, but i think that might be because of how rusty my body mounts are. I think the rust absorbs the vibration and i never even notice it. Other people have talked about how terrible the vibes are, but their trucks are usually in a slighty nicer condition than mine Laughing I bet blue would shake more than you like.

I say 2 factory t-case mounts, fresh motor mounts, and 3 or 4 links of chain on the one side would work just fine.

Kyle Jeffries
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:01 am Reply with quote
Puppy Mill Maker
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X2 on what kyle said.
my rockstompers have broken also.
welded em back up and runnin em.
the poly bushings in em are worn out now.
and the truck viberates purdy bad.

i'd say 2 fresh trans mounts amd new stock type motor mounts.


new crawler in the works.
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Engine and TCase Mounts?
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